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Links to more products and informational resources are listed below. If you see products you would like to order, you may do so with Jays Company for the best price. Here are a few tips for ordering through us to ensure the selected items will be available in your invoice history for easy re-ordering:
1.       Make sure you are logged into your account.
2.       Jot down the name of the link/website, product description, style # and quantity.
3.       Return to Jays web site and place your order.
4.       Please identify the link/website where you found the product in the comments section.

www.cal-print.com/InkColorChart.htm   (Pantone Colors Reference)

www.whathealth.com (Medical Awareness Days Reference - Click on Awareness Tab)

www.medibadge.com (Fun Giveaways for Kids)

www.ups.com/content/us/en/shipping/cost/zones/index.html (Zones and Shipping Rates to Your Location)

www.speedeedelivery.com/rates.html (Zones and Shipping Rates to Your Location)


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It's time for TRIVIA!
Before surgical dressings of gauze and cotton were introduced, what was commonly used to cover wounds in American hospitals?
Some of the required fields weren’t filled out properly. Please review the comments in red to help us out. Thanks!

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