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Distributor of Supplies, Packaging and Printing for Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics, and Long Term Care

For the last four decades, Jays Company has become the benchmark distributor for medical printing and packaging in the upper Midwest. That success has helped Jays Company to expand and service a nationwide customer base. 

Retail pharmacies depend on Jays Company for laser and thermal Rx labels. Jays Company also provides them with merchandise and script bags, pill cards and unit dose packaging, vials, med sheets, floor mats, stationary and advertising products. Jays is also a complete source for compounding supplies.

Hospitals and clinics count on Jays Company for many different stock and custom labels and tapes that are used in pharmacy, nursing, X-ray, central service and laboratory departments. Jays works with more than 100 manufacturers, and can offer many items for its customers at the best cost possible.

The entire staff at Jays Company consistently works to make Jays a customer-driven forms and label company dedicated to one simple mission: to develop and maintain a solid, ongoing relationship with its customers. The staff strives to do that by delivering the right information and products to the right people in a timely manner. The result is that Jays Company sees customer service as an opportunity, not a cost. 

Jays Company's website mascot, Vial Dude, offers tips and hints to make using JaysCompany.com an easy experience.

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